ACBS Structural Steel Detailing

Fabrication Drawings for Structural Steel, Miscellaneous metals, Bridges, Barges

   We offer detailing for structural steel for buildings, miscellaneous metals, bridges, bridge components, barges and floats, structures with complex geometry.  

   We have developed drawing styles and procedures for the fastest and cleanest drawings creation for cambered stringers, diaphragms with skew and slope between work points; parts,  beams and columns; bottom, deck and side panels for steel barges and floats, giving the steel fabricator and erector the advantages of a 3D model:     

- Improved coordination with other trades

- Export of the following file formats:  dwg, dxf, nc, kss (Fabsuite, EJE and FabTrol), Steel Fab, CIS/2, SDNF, Effel, IFC, dwf, PDF, Excel, Revit, xml, smlx

- Design of steel connections per AISC

- Collision check, construction check  
- COG (Center of gravity) location for entire structure or for single member to assist lifting planning and calculations

- Possibility to create 3D parts from 2D design drawings-plate or any shape, including user sections-custom created shapes, behaving as standard steel shapes in the model

- Custom connection templates-custom connections created from multiple intelligent connections

- The quality of the shop drawings meets the highest industry standards

- BOM can include any possible combination of members per fabricator's request: Advance BOM, shipping, loading and material list, assembly list, saw cut list 'with pictures', field bolts distribution, shop bolts, grating list.

 Modeling procedures, output of erection and fabrication drawings, external lists and CNC files are designed to make your project progress  smoothly, less costly and with highest quality.   

All work is done per AISC, AASHTO, NISD, D1.1, D1.5 and OSHA.

NISD certified Class I Category Bridge Certificate No. 816.

For a quote for your next project please send e-mail to:

[email protected]  or call 781-848-3426   

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