ACBS Structural Steel Detailing

Fabrication Drawings for Structural Steel, Miscellaneous metals, Bridges, Barges

   We offer detailing for steel structures such as: 

 - buildings-beams, columns, bracing, girts, roof frames, platforms

 - miscellaneous metals-stairs, railings, ladders, catwalks,

   grating walkways, lintels, door frames, bollards

 - bridges-highway, railroad, pedestrian bridges, utility bridges, bridge repairs

 - bridge components-railings, bridge architectural railings

 - marine structures, barges and floats

 - structures with complex geometry

We use the latest CAD workstations by BOXX Technologies. 

Apexx workstations are driven by world's fastest professionally 

overclocked processors.

Modeling procedures, output of erection and fabrication drawings, external lists 

and CNC files are designed to make your project progress smoothly, less costly

and with highest quality.

All work is done per AISC, AASHTO, NISD, D1.1, D1.5 and OSHA.

NISD certified Class I Category Bridge Certificate No. 816.

For a quote for your next project please send e-mail to: or call 781-848-3426   

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